‘We Have a Common Goal’: Support Networks For the Educational Development

Cristóbal Ruiz-Román, Lorena Molina, Rocío Alcaide, ‘We Have a Common Goal’: Support Networks For the Educational and Social Development of Children in Disadvantaged Areas, The British Journal of Social Work, , bcz063,


Support networks are both one of the great tools and one of the major challenges for social work when dealing with situations of social exclusion. The multidimensional nature of the social exclusion that affects many children from disadvantaged areas demands that the various social agents involved develop teamwork practices. This article presents practice-based evidence of the impact of a network support programme that works with children from a disadvantaged area in Málaga (Spain). Data are presented in connection with a reduction of the number of children dropping out of school and the increase in academic achievement; the role played by socio-educational follow-up in these accomplishments; and how valuable support networks have become for the professionals involved in the programme. The evidence is discussed in connection with the most recent literature to extract some valuable ideas emerging from socio-educational support networks for social work practice, with a view to promoting the social and educational advancement of children from disadvantaged areas.